• The Cook Society

    The Cook Society

    The Cook Society was founded in 1969 on the initiative of Prime Ministers Sir Alec Douglas Home and Sir Robert Menzies, with the aim of promoting British-Australian relations at a high-ranking level. The Society has counterparts in the Australian States.

    Membership of The Cook Society in Britain is limited and by invitation only. Members represent a wide range of national interests, include senior business and professional people, academia, arts and representatives of government.

    Throughout the year the Society holds three or four private lunches and a dinner, in London, which are attended by members and their invited guests. A distinguished person is invited to address the luncheon or dinner and points of interest to both countries are freely discussed.  In addition there are occasional events organised of interest to Cook Society members.

    Every two years or so, about a week-long Gatherings of members are held alternately in the UK or Australia to discuss with governments and business leaders matters of import affecting the interests of both countries. The formal business activities of the Gathering are augmented with a wide range of social engagements.


    Previous Cook Society Chairman

    • 1969/70 Sir Val Duncan & Sir Peter Runge
    • 1971/74 Sir Val Duncan & Sir Reay Geddes
    • 1971/74 Sir Val Duncan, the Hon Andrew Turner & Sir Anthony Burney
    • 1976/77 Sir Anthony Burney, the Hon Andrew Turner & Mr F G Hawkings
    • 1978 Lord Home (First Chairman)
    • 1979 Lord McFadzean
    • 1980 Sir Mark Turner
    • 1981 Sir Ronald Swayne
    • 1982 Lord Shackleton
    • 1983 Lord Hayter
    • 1984 Sir John Swire
    • 1985 Sir Donald Tebbit
    • 1986 Lord Cowdrey
    • 1987 Sir Jack Rampton
    • 1988 Sir Peter Baxendell
    • 1989 Sir Kerry St. Johnston
    • 1990 Viscount Caldecote
    • 1991 The Earl of Limerick
    • 1992 Mr Richard Lumley
    • 1993 Mr Michael Rendle
    • 1994 Sir John Leahy
    • 1995 Sir Brian Shaw
    • 1996 Baroness Gardner of Parkes
    • 1997 Mr Peter Costain
    • 1998 Sir William Barlow
    • 1999 Sir Peter Gadsden
    • 2000 Mr Rohan Courtney
    • 2001 Mr Brian Harris
    • 2002 Mr Edward Scott (Died 29/01/02)
    • 2002 Sir Roger Carrick
    • 2003 Mr Maurice de Rohan
    • 2004 Sir Christopher Benson
    • 2005 Mr Michael Whalley
    • 2006 Mr Richard Turner
    • 2007 The Earl of Buckinghamshire
    • 2008 Mr Peter Box
    • 2009 The Hon Sarah Joiner
    • 2010 Mr John Allen
    • 2011 Ms Pauline Lyle-Smith
    • 2012 Alderman Neil Redcliffe
    • 2013/14 Sir Stephen Brown
    • 2015/16 Mr Jeffery Barratt
    • 2017/18 John May

    Known as Convenors prior to 1978.

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    • Britain-Australia Society Sponsors
    • Britain-Australia Society Sponsors
    • Britain-Australia Society Sponsors
    The Britain-Australia Society Sponsors

    The organisations shown have all committed to supporting this year’s events. Many thanks to them.

    Commonwealth Bank Australia, CPA AustraliaEtihadCA ANZ,
    Godiva ChocolatierTait Memorial Trust and Vestey Foods Group.