• 2018 BASET Award Winners

    2018 Pioneer Awards

    Kyra Daley

    Student at Haileybury Turnford School, UK

    Kyra Daley, from Haileybury Turnford School, Hertfordshire, travelled to Australia and studied at Haileybury Melbourne School in 2018. Whilst there she integrated well with her Australian classmates and formed lasting friendships, as well as getting some all-important sightseeing under her belt. Kyra is now considering higher education in Australia.

    Brad Rixon

    Student at Royal Hospital School, UK

    Brad Rixon, from the Royal Hospital School in Suffolk travelled to Australia in the summer of 2018 to study at Canberra Grammar School. While there he made firm friends with his Australian contemporaries and had some amazing experiences – not least climbing Sydney Harbour’s famous bridge and messing with naval personnel at HMAS Harman in Canberra.

    Haydn Oakley

    Student at Dulwich College, UK

    Haydn Oakley is a student at Dulwich College who’s BASET pioneer award has allowed him to travel to Australia to attend Scotch College in Melbourne where he is currently helping to coach the school’s rugby team. Without the help of BASET, Haydn’s dream of coaching sport in Australia might never have been realised. 

    2018 Endeavour Awards

    Owen Brond

    Royal Australian Air Force Cadet, Australia

    With the help of BASET, Owen Brond (pictured above receiving his Endeavour Award from Lord Dannatt) took part in the Lord Dannatt Round Britain Challenge. The Award  saw him staying aboard the Jubilee Sailing Trust ship Lord Nelson with a mixture of disabled and able-bodied crew-members for ten days as it sailed from the Pool of London to Edinburgh on the first leg of its circumnavigation of the UK. This experience both bolstered Owen’s self-confidence and allowed him to complete his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which he had been striving to do for some years.

    Kyle Derndorfer 

    Australian Army Cadet, Australia

    Alongside his colleague Owen Brond, Kyle Derndorfer was awarded a BASET Endeavour Award (pictured above, receiving his Award from Lord Dannatt) which allowed him to experience life at sea aboard JST Lord Nelson, a tall sailing ship owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust. Kyle’s BASET Award enabled him to complete his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, experience life on the ocean wave (he had never previously been sailing in his life!) and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

    2019 BASET Award Winners 

    James Evenden

    Haileybury Turnford Student, UK

    One of two award-winners from Haileybury Turnford in 2019, James travelled to Australia in July. A keen student of history, English literature and Business Studies, James hopes his visit to Australia will boost his confidence and give him a wealth of life experience that will prove invaluable in the future.

    Maisy Hurst

    Haileybury Turnford Student, UK

    Michael van Haren

    Royal Hospital School student, UK

    Lizzie Alliott

    Haileybury School Student, UK



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