The Britain-Australia Society Education Trust

    The Britain-Australia Society Education Trust (BASET) is a UK registered charity run by volunteers with administrative support from the Britain-Australia Society.

    BASET provides sponsorship for young people in both the United Kingdom and Australia to enable them to gain experience and learn skills and, in doing so, to strenghten the links and enrich the relationship between these two countries.

    BASET’s Objectives

    Britain and Australia share a heritage and an exciting future. BASET can help deserving young people from both countries to build and benefit from that future. BASET provides financial sponsorship where it can “make the difference” for reciprocal schemes:

    • Offering secondary school students the opportunity to gain experience through exchanges and work experience (Pioneer Awards), and
    • Providing training and work experience for apprentices in trades and industries where both countries have skills to offer and transfer (Endeavour Awards)
    • And, on an ad hoc basis, where Australia and Britain have heritage skills and know-how to share

    BASET has evolved in three phases. It was first established in 1990 with an endorsement and the aim of advancing public education in the United Kingdom about Australia. Until 2011, grants and awards were made to assist school student exchanges for study and cultural purposes.

    BASET’s History

    Following on from this first phase, in 2011 BASET undertook an initiative to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Admiral Arthur Phillip R.N., the Captain of the First Fleet and first Governor of New South Wales. Phillip established Port Jackson from which modern Sydney has grown and, along with pioneers and explorers in the Australian settlements and states, is acknowledged as one of the founders on modern Australia.

    This intitative culminated in 2014, the bicentenary of Phillip’s death, with prominent commemorations of him through memorials in Westminister Abbey and Bath and a series of events held in the United Kingdom and Australia.

    BASET Today

    Admiral Phillip was guided by a strong sense of justice, respect for human rights, individual dignity and the rule of law. In Port Jackson he created a society which rewarded hard work and personal initiative leading to the successful building of the city of Sydney.

    These guiding principles combined with personal courage and leadership qualities of Phillip and other pioneers from the United Kingdom have underpinned the success of modern Australia and its strong relationship with the UK.

    The third and current phase for BASET was intended as the legacy from 2014. The balance of funds raised for the Phillip memorials now provides BASET with the opportunity to implement a long-term strategy to deliver it’s mission statement and, guided by the above principles of Phillip, create an enduring contribution to the rich heritage and relationship between the United Kingdom and Australia through realising the potential of their young people.