• Dr Karl at the Royal Institution

    Dr Karl at the Royal Institution

    30th September 2017
    6:00pm to 7:15pm

    Dr Karl Kruszelnicki probably needs no introduction to our Australian readers. He is a curious and optimistic Australian TV presenter and author. A science populariser with insatiable curiosity. He has degrees in Physics and Maths, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Surgery and has held a wide range of jobs, from doctor to film-maker, radio personality to labourer, car mechanic to physicist. He’s written 40 books to date and plans to write a few more.

    This event will appeal to the young (recommended 12+) and the young-at-heart.

    Join him at the Royal Institution (his 3rd visit) for a whirlwind tour of incredible science facts, figures and fascinations. Explore questions like: “Who put that Nuclear Reactor in Africa 2 billion years ago? Coffee seems to be good for you – but what about other “substances”? Why is there probably Life on a moon of Saturn, what is the shortest scientific paper ever written, and how did we tip the Earth off its Spin Axis?” in this whistle stop tour of some of the world’s most exciting science.

    For booking go to the Ri site:book-now_button



    image credit: The Royal Institution 









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