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    A “Humiliating Collapse”

    Published 24th November

    I have just arrived in the Etihad Lounge at Heathrow to learn of England’s defeat by Australia to the tune of 381 runs.  Welcome news indeed to Australians after the Annus Horribilus of the 2013 cricketing Summer.

    Though I’ve lived predominantly in England for more then 15 years (yikes!) I still barrack for Australia in bilateral competitions. To my “friends” it matters not as I am habitually labelled with the losing side. This year I have been happily dubbed Australian by gleefully smug Poms. Any mention of the Gabba will, I fear, spark comments about my being a Pom born and bred (well, until 9 years of age) and more recently a long-term resident – so having no claim to side with the Aussies.

    I suppose I should confess to being something of a gleeful Pom myself when it comes to, say, England v Italy (there, see, I didn’t say “France”, or “Germany”!) Mind you, I’ll support Tonga too so my allegiance points are somewhat dilute.

    New staff, an office move, a cascade of events, end of the year returns and the new scholastic intake mean that it’s been pretty hectic recently in the Britain-Australia Society office with its seasonal backdrop of  the twinkling John Lewis light curtain. there’s been no time to contemplate my trip. A couple of hours before Flight EY12 to Abu Dhabi and thence to Melbourne I am finally getting that frisson of anticipation of returning to my other home.  I’ll have a look for Boxing Day Test tickets when I arrive though they may be scarce now!

    The staff in the Etihad Lounge are very attentive and the logo-embellished cappuccino most welcome this early on a Sunday morning. Many more cappucini to come (see my other missive on Australian coffee elsewhere in this news folder).

    While I am away (until mid-January) Sarah will be manning the office solo. She is engaged Tuesday to Thursday so please make allowances at the edges of the week! I will try to log in regularly from my timeshifted locale.

    Must say I envy those who will be going to the Barry Humphries show and the reception with him afterwards. Bound to be a great (and late!) night.

    Don’t forget that the Christmas Carols Service at St Mary Le Bow is at 1pm on the same day (10th December).

    So it remains for me to say a moderately early “Merry Christmas” to you all wherever you may be spending it. I shall try to get a newsletter written on the flight – who knows!

    Seasonal greetings

    from Dale


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