Impressions of Australia - Studies in Art

Impressions of Australia – Studies in Art

Published 9th March

Australia provided a new focus for its young artists in the 1880s and 1890s. A growing sense of national identity and the impact of European Impressionism played a crucial role in their desire to capture the great Australian landscape, its dazzling light and ordinary scenes of daily life.

This is ably illustrated in the current exhibition at the National Gallery, running until March 26th.

Sarah Bowles of Dilettanti has brought together a series of lectures on Tuesday March 14th and Tuesday March 21st, presented by lecturers from Tate Britain, the Menzies Centre and Birkbeck College, as well as the curator of the above exhibition.

Sarah has offered Britain-Australia Society members the possibility of attending individual lectures for £20.

Here is a programme and more details about the series:

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